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Our Chemistry

Tygrus is a technology company that develops, manufacturers, and licenses its patented specialty, inorganic chemistries in multiple vertical markets. Our chemistries offer unique, high-value characteristics. They can be as effective or more effective than existing chemistries, while reducing toxicity to humans and our planet. For example one of our patented formulations, Tydracide™ has demonstrated:

  • Excellent antimicrobial properties including >5Log (>99.999%) kill on the COVID-19 virus in 1 minute (tests conducted at a CDC-authorized BioSafety Level 3 Lab)
  • Non-toxic in acute toxicity studies (EPA “Six-Pack”)
  • Low aquatic environmental toxicity (EPA Methods 2000.1 and 2020.1)
  • Low corrosivity (classified as non-corrosive for 316L stainless steel samples and is ranked “Excellent” in accordance with the Corrosion Resistance tables)

Our chemistries are protected by several USPTO granted patents with more than 75 patents in prosecution in the United States and major international markets.



Tygrus’ Agriculture subsidiary, Aqueus, provides chemistry to help improve the cation exchange capacity and solubilize nutrients trapped in the soil, increasing the availability of nutrients to plants.


Tygrus’ Industrial subsidiary will be focused on multiple applications within the industrial sector, such as pH adjustment and disinfection.


Our products are in development and currently being tested for efficacy in various medical applications.


Tygrus’ Battery subsidiary, Tydrolyte,  provides a potential drop-in replacement for sulfuric acid in lead acid batteries, which is less reactive and corrosive.

Health & Beauty

Our ingredients can replace the toxic preservatives in water-based personal care products.

Become A Partner

We are partnering with organizations looking to shift from hazardous chemicals to better performing, cost-effective alternatives that testing indicates have no acute toxicity. Be among the world’s first to take Tygrus’ breakthrough technology to your line of products.


For media requests, please contact Cory Ziskind with Integrated Corporate Relations (ICR).

Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, Announces Deal with Tygrus LLC, a Life Science, Research & Development, and Licensing Company
Ethos Asset Management, Inc., announced a new long-term financing partnership with Tygrus LLC, based in Troy, Michigan. Ethos has committed to providing significant capital infusion that will continue for several years to the technology company that develops, manufactures, and licenses its patented specialty, inorganic chemistries in multiple vertical markets.


Tydracide Testing Shows Greater Than 99.999% Kill Rate on COVID-19 Virus in One Minute
Tygrus LLC announced today that tests conducted by a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorized Bio Safety Level 3 laboratory on its new ingredient, Tydracide, showed that the formulation eliminated the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 1 minute at greater than 5-Log (99.999%) reduction.


Mayor Says Tygrus Contributes to Oakland County’s Economic Prosperity
The Mayors of Madison Heights and Hazel Park captivated an audience of local business people and community leaders Friday morning with stories of community success.


About Us

Tygrus. Better Everything.

Tygrus is a technology, manufacturing, and licensing company that has developed new, patented chemistries. Tygrus’ vision is to Better Everything by replacing hazardous chemistries with safer, less toxic alternatives across a wide variety of applications in multiple vertical markets.

Our Team

Daniel Jenuwine

Daniel Jenuwine

Chief Executive Officer

Dan is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of launching startup companies, with a background in marketing, distribution, retail operations, online marketing, and sales. 

Lawrence R. Carlson

Lawrence R. Carlson

Chief Technical Officer

Larry has 38 years as an innovator in Specialty Chemical Technology including a number of diverse specialty areas like surface technology and materials science. He has held several Corporate R&D, Quality, Operational, and Management positions for Fortune 100 and 500 companies including Henkel, Diversey-Wyandotte Chemical, and Baxter Healthcare. He is the author and inventor on 83 US/International patents with 41 pending applications.

John Coppolino

John Coppolino

Chief Operating Officer

John has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, operations, distribution, restructuring, and finance working with both middle market and Fortune 500 companies.


Dr. Anthony Atala

Dr. Anthony Atala

Tygrus Senior Medical Advisor

Dr. Atala is the Director of Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Chair of the Dept. of Urology at Wake Forest University.

Dr. Joseph Devito

Dr. Joseph Devito

Tygrus Microbiologist and EPA Consultant

Dr. Devito has over 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical and Chemical companies.

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